L&T Venables
Supplier of Industrial Equipment In Perth

We are Perth’s one-stop-shop for Industrial and Welding Supplies, Tools, and Fasteners. We stock Safety Products, Lubricants, Abrasives, Measuring Equipment, Cutting and Threading Equipment, Materials Handling, Air Equipment, Transmission Belts, Key Steel, and much more!

Latest News

New Financial Year, Fathers Day

The first half of the year is over already! Time seems to be flying by so don’t let it catch you out on Fathers Day.  There are some great deals to be had on tools and equipment any dad, grandad, uncle or evens for mums that do ‘dad’ stuff. Pressure washers for the car or driveway, tools bags (and weathershield protection for the winter months), screwdriver or hex key sets, gloves, garage creepers, in fact anything you can possibly want.  Drop into one of our stores for some friendly advice.