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Red Rubber Grease


A rubber compatible grease formulated to be compatible with natural rubber components in a range of cars, light commercial vehicles and any other vehicle using rubber components, particularly brakes and clutch hydraulic mechanisms.


Specifically formulated for rubber to rubber lubrication where any effects such as hardening or swelling of the rubber must be avoided. It therefore can be used on automotive hydraulic brake and clutch components where compatibility with natural rubber and SBR seals are involved. It may also be used to assist the assembly of natural and synthetic rubber components for automotive brakes or clutch systems and suspension units.


An optimised combination of selected raw materials including vegetable oil and a synthetic gelling agent ensure a grease that demonstrates excellent stability at high temperatures whilst ensuring good corrosion resistant properties and excellent compatibility with both natural and synthetic rubber components.


  • Lucas Girling – TS -2-34-04
  • NLGI 2.5