Our Grinder Kit has everything you’ll

need to get straight to work!

It’s a complete kit at a great price of $189 (RRP$370),

so head instore today and get one before they run out!

Kit Includes:

Milwaukee 800W 5 inch grinder

Hunter Cut 5 Glove – Large 9

Clear Safety Specs

2 x P2 Dust Mask with Valve

Disposable Ear Plugs – 50 Pack

Orange Grit Hand Cleaner 500ml

5 x Polifan Flap Disc 125mm 5′ Zirconia 40 Grit Steelox

1 x wire cup brush TBG Series – M14 & M10 Universal Twist Knot Steel

25 x Premium Ultra Thin Cutting Wheels 125mm 5′ x 1.0mm Steelox

4 row hand scratch brush

Milwaukee Bag

Hurry! Only while stocks last

grinder kit