Are you tired of asking the pizza guy to drill holes in your wall every time he makes a delivery to your home? Are you embarrassed of asking your mother in law to bring her tool box every time she visits you? Well it’s time to step up to the work bench and get your own tools. Release your DIY mojo and start doing it for yourself. No need to go completely crazy and buy every power tool at the hardware store; here are five power tools that every self-respecting DIYer needs to get started.


An obvious one, every DIYer worth his/her salt has a decent power drill. Even if you don’t know how to use it, at least your pizza delivery guy doesn’t have to hang your pictures for you. It’s definitely recommended to get a cordless drill, because who needs cords lying on the ground when you’re on a ladder with a power drill in your hand. Also, decent branded drills last longer. You don’t need to buy the biggest, baddest drill around, just something that is solid, durable and capable of helping you drill holes into various types of walls. Oh, don’t forget a decent set of bits that will give you all the drilling options you’ll need.


Now that you’ve decided to build stuff, you’re going to need something to cut wood. How else are you going to manufacture a desk/bed/cupboard for your kid? Start with a circular saw, a must-have tool for the wannabe carpenter. This will allow you to cut long pieces of wood accurately and safely, they are powerful, relatively easy to use and can also cut many non-wood materials. It’s recommended to choose a model of at least 2hp to ensure you have enough oomph to get the job done, without losing control at the same time.


If you are attempting that wooden project, see point two above, then you will probably need this tool. It may not appear in everyone’s top five power tools, but if you are working with wood then the finish is just as important as the assembly. You will need to sand the surface, and sand paper just doesn’t cut it anymore. A palm sander will give your wood projects a beautiful smooth finish, allowing you to paint or varnish with ease and really make a lasting impression with your guests. People will overlook all other imperfections on your projects as long as it’s finished properly. FACT!

You can get a sander with a bag attached to it to catch the saw dust, or you can work outdoors and let the wind do the clearing.


A 5 inch grinder is another must-include tool in your home DIY kit. Use this angle grinder to cut tiles, mortar and pavers. They are also extremely useful for rust and loose paint removal, to sharpen blades and cut or grind steel. Grinders come in different sizes with different motors, but we recommend the 5 inch grinder for its versatility and ability to handle different accessories.


A jigsaw will complete your start-up home DIY kit and no workshop is complete without one. Jigsaws are remarkably versatile, with the ability to cut through sheet metal and timber as well as ceramic tile. As long as you have the right collection of blades, your options for usage are wide spread. When you buy blades for your jigsaw, they are always labelled so you can avoid using the wrong blade with the wrong material and doing damage to your jigsaw or yourself. So you know for future reference, the more teeth on the blade the finer the cut.

There you go, get to work. Be safe, have fun and impress your family and friends with your new tools and projects.

If you want the best advice and the best tools at affordable prices contact your local power tool specialist.